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tried to make order at phone #309 662 7761 for 3 days was busy every time,put order on web could not get to go throw was $187.00 order gave up pleas no more catalogs to 8268 se hwy 31 Arcadia fl 34266,thinks HAVE RANE OUT OF WORDS ALL DAY FOR NOTHIMG how maney more words do I need hy hu ko jjj lll rrr hhh op lkkj mjjj kkkk hhhh gggg rrrr ffff ttt yyyy uuuu iiii oooo ffff hhhh mnmmmn jjj hhhhg ffff dddd rrrr eeee uuuu yyyy llll oooo .... vvvv rrrr yyyy uuu iii oooo llll mmmm hhhh gggg fff nnnn kkkk jjjjj hhhhh ggggg ffff dddd ssss tttt iiii kkkk ooooo pppp kkkk

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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