Usually we are smart enough to check ratings before making a purchase, but for whatever reason, we didn't do it this time. We had heard the Burgess name and liked the prices.

Whether or not what we bought will live remains to be seen. However, we will NEVER go this route again. We spent $121 on a few seeds (they were fine and came earlier) and plants that look mostly dead and/or so small it will take years before they looked the way we hoped. We placed our order the third week of April and after threatening to cancel it the first part of June, we were notified it would be delivered.

It arrived June 6th, which in our opinion, is past the planting season in our area. It is 90 degrees today (admittedly, a little hotter than normal) but still past the best time for planting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burgess Seed And Plant Company Plant.

Burgess Seed And Plant Company Cons: Quality and condition of plants was poor.

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On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center
According to the Burgess Seed and Plant Company FAQ, if you are not satisfied with the received item, you may return it with the original shipping label within 1 year of receipt for a free replacement.
So as to get a refund of the purchase price, you need to return the item and the original shipping label, with the correct postage affixed, within 14 days of receipt.
Please note that each order is processed within 1-2 weeks. Seeds and Merchandise are normally shipped as soon as processing is completed.
If you need any assistance with your order, you may contact Burgess Seed and Plant Company Customer Service on Pissed Consumer.

Yes if you remember to keep the original shipping plastic bag for a year. They are counting on you will not

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