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I ordered (amongst other plants) two paw paw trees. Burgess substituted two persimmon trees. There is nothing in their advertisement regarding being allowed to substitute. I would have much preferred if they would have just put it on back order rather than replacing it with a product (persimmon trees), I did not order and had already received from a competitors nursery. gary At least 100 words? OK, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen,... Read more

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I ordered $150 worth of plants and trees last year. Many of them died. They told me to send them a shipping label and a note as to what died. Thinking they were a good company for replacing everything i ordered $170 worth this year. Now they are saying they never got the labels for last year and i have to send credit card statement even though their computer shows my order and what i paid for it. On top of that they shorted me on this years order and want to to send the label and letter for that! They are the one who shorted me and they have... Read more

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I live in zone 4, burgess sent live plants in March. I tried contacting them 10 times. After a month they finally responded that it was too late. I'm disputing through my cc company, but getting no answers or help from the company at all i would rate them a zero Add comment

Took my money, necer recieved my order and only get a busy signal when we try to call their number. Lousy lousy. Never again Add comment

I ordered from them eakier this year. Several items arrived damaged very poor quality, I contacted them was advised had to return the original shipping label together replacement. After I complained that this was not disclosed when ordering or with the shipment they agreed to one time replacement if I provide a letter explains the problem and II did not have a shipping label. I sent the documentation requested about 3 weeks ago and have not gotten the replacements. Now some more of the items have either died or not came up. Have contacted them... Read more

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i have ordered from this company for 4 garden seasons. everything i have ordered and planted have grown and done extremely well. anyone that doubts this let me know ill post pictures of last years garden...couldnt be happier with their plants and i am getting ready to order this years plants. have never had a problem with receiving dead plants, matter of fact, the tomato plants look better than the local garden shops and out produce by far THANK YOU BURGESS FOR GOOD PRODUCE AND WONDERFUL PRICES Read more

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I have ordered several times from burgess and on several occasions have received plants that simply don't survive? In addition, the plant pictures they show customers are not remotely representative of what you will receive...all and all I would recommend AGAINST ordering from this company as they do not stand behind their products... Local nurseries are your best bet... Strawberry plants that are half dead, trees that are so immature they don't survive, and many other plants that are woefully inadequate for sales or survival. Read more

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These people really suck. Lousy service, dead plants, lousy customer service. Do not bug from them Add comment

I keep getting dead plants . I keep ask them please knot to sent me dead plants but they must think its funny to keep sending me dead plants . I have sent the packing slip for the same plants back twice . the last time I sent the dead plants back . the day I received the last dead plants I packed them up and sent them back the next day they must be *** to think I don't know dead plants when I see them .I keep asking them please don't send me dead plants .these people think ill get tired and stop trying to get my plants but ha ha ha ha ha ha... Read more

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this has to be the worst mail order co. in the world .they cant tale dead plants from live ones they do know how to take care of plants when they arrive from the grower they gust throw them on a shelf on let them die they don't water them or take any care .they don't care if they die or knot to *** with there customers .I have sent packing slips back twice for the same plants and they still send more dead plants they must think I must be *** and ill get tired of fulling with them and gust wright them off ha ha ha ha is long as they send me... Read more

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